Thursday, December 6, 2007

О женской красоте

E. W. Lane пишет в книге "Arabian Society in the Middle age":

Four things in a woman should be black, - the hair of the head, the eyebrows, the eyelashes, and the dark part of the eyes; four white, - the complexion of the skin, the white of the eyes, the teeth and the legs; four red, - the tongue, the lips, the middle of the cheeks, and the gums; four round, - the head, the neck, the forearms, and the ankles; four long, - the back, the fingers, the arms and the legs; four wide, - the forehead, the eyes, the bosom, and the hips; four fine, - the eyebrows, the nose, the lips, and the fingers; four thick, - the lower part of the back, the thighs, the calves of the legs and the knees; four small, - the ears, the breasts, the hands and the feet

(Цит. по Curtius 1990: 510)

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